Professionalism in Daily Life (a Driving Rant)

A fellow motorcyclist wrote me:

A bunch of years ago, I had an AF accident investigator tell me that when looking into the cause of an aircraft accident, they would frequently attribute a crash to pilot error (who was dead) and not blame the living (ground crew/ co-crew) unless it was blantently obvious and no […]


To Sleep, Perchance to . . . Sleep

“If I didn’t wake up, I’d still be sleeping.” – Yogi Berra

About a year ago I finally did something about my sleep apnea. I’ve had it all my adult life, but until I was in my 50s it seemed to me a benign condition – I snored horribly but Donna seemed to have […]


Military Bans Blogs (Part II)

We support freedom of speech . . . as long as you don’t listen!

On the job I access the internet through a military network (I’m a civilian contractor on a U.S. Air Force base). The military has always used filters to deny access to web sites containing pornography, hate speech, or games, but lately […]


All Right, Who Took My Tinfoil Hat?

Articles in The Onion are fact-free, yet sometimes convey more truth than facts ever could. I wonder if this falls into that category. Other bloggers say Capitol Hill Blue can’t be trusted, but after reading about the Enron tapes, I’m starting to think “alternative” journalists like Mack White have a better handle on things than […]


Memorial Day Weekend Ride

Well, since you asked . . .

I spent Saturday morning working on the Goldwing with a friend. Later that afternoon I rode from Tucson up to Phoenix, where I crashed for the night at my daughter’s apartment. Sunday morning I laid on a coating of sunblock and took off east on McDowell Road to […]