The Slippery Slope

One of the perks of a military career is being buried in Arlington National Cemetery, or at the very least having a military funeral with an honor guard and a bugler playing Taps. And now this.

Damn, at this rate, by the time I die, burial in Arlington will be some sort of revolving-door ceremony. […]


See No Evil . . .

Earlier, I blogged about a US military ban on camera cell phones and a rumor that the defense department was trying to stop our troops in Iraq from contacting the outside world. According to Boing Boing, it looks like I’m on to something.

Take away their e-mail and internet access. Take away their digital cameras […]


Shut the Door, the Horse is Gone!

So yesterday – like what, a week and a half after Major General Taguba’s report on prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq became widely available over the Internet? – the Office of the Secretary of Defense puts out a DoD-wide urgent bulletin telling military and DoD personnel they can’t access or read it […]


How Fast Do You Ride?

When I ride my motorcycle on the freeway I monitor my speed with GPS and try to stay at the limit or at the most 5 mph over. Where I live – Arizona – that’s how fast most people drive. If I lived somewhere like Southern California, where freeway traffic runs 10 to 20 over, […]


Military Bans Blogs (Part I)

I should explain that I work on a US Air Force base and access the net through the base network. The following weblogs are inaccessible:

– Talking Points Memo – Boing Boing – This Modern World – Eschaton – Daily Kos – The Agitator

But I can still access the following:

– Kim DuToit – […]


The Powell that Really Matters

This New York Times article is about Lake Powell, which has lost 60% of its water and shows no signs of getting wetter. The article talks of a long-term drought in the American West.

I’ve never been to Lake Powell, but I have been to Lake Mead. Several times. Most recently last weekend, when I […]