News or Propaganda?

The first thing I read each morning at work is the online edition of the Early Bird, the daily collection of defense-related press clippings put out by the Department of Defense.

If you read only the Wall Street Journal, say, or the Washington Post, you might think you’re getting objective, unbiased coverage of the news. […]


Saturday Javelina Blogging


Sometimes at night we’ll hear snuffling noises outside, and when we open our front door, there they are! Ain’t they cute?



A little nudge I posted to a Goldwinger board. Most of them thought it was pretty funny.


My top five reasons for joining the GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association):

5. Need an excuse to wear my square-dancing clothes. 4. Would rather attend meetings than ride. 3. Can’t get enough of those Harley jokes. […]


Penny-Pinching Goldwingers

Guess it’s my day to make fun of myself (yes, I’m a Goldwinger too). Here’s another one I posted to a Goldwinger board.


Hi, I just spent over $16K on a new Goldwing. I have some questions:

– What’s the absolute cheapest oil I can possibly use? Can you still buy recycled engine oil? […]