Poulet Throws a Party

Our friend Poulet en Crote put on a dinner party Fathers’ Day Eve.  As a dad, I was one of the honored guests.  This isn’t a recipe entry — it’s a cookblogging entry, just for fun.  Here’s Poulet with her groaning board:

(clockwise from left: spinach salad, strawberries w/blueberries & mint, carrots sauteed in butter, baked corn casserole, beef tenderloin, asparagus w/parmesan

Ditalina provided the flowers in the photo above, and with the leftover orange daisies made “manly” table decorations for the fathers:

The dads' place settings, by Ditalini

Poulet, if you couldn’t guess from the spread she put out, is a Southern gal.  We always eat well at Poulet’s!


Amateur cook and barbecue fanatic.

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