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Making Peanut Brittle, Take #1

We made peanut brittle from a Food Network recipe. The idea was for Ditalini to bring some to work, and to make small gift packages of what’s left. We’re not totally happy with the results of the recipe, though, so most if it will stay at home and get gradually consumed here. Too thick, not transparent, kind of crumbly, and way too sweet. But then again a lot of people like peanut brittle that way, so I’ll share three photos of its preparation:

2013-12-16 20.17.12 2013-12-16 20.33.19 2013-12-16 20.44.29

They say much of cooking is chemistry, and you really begin to appreciate that when you’re making candy. At a certain temperature, the mixture of corn syrup and sugar changes, and you have to pay close attention to that candy thermometer.

When you pour the hot mixture into the buttered baking pan, it’s like working with molten lead. You have to be careful … and quick, because it cools and thickens rapidly. Just saying, in case you’ve a mind to try the linked recipe.

As I mentioned, I think we can do better. My sister sent a recipe my father adapted, and I’ll try that next. If it works, I’ll add it to the blog: Making Peanut Brittle, Take # 2.

Shoot, I just realized I need to add a Candy section to the recipe index. For now I’ll file this under Appetizers, and get around to that later.


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