Aroused Aloe, Stage II

Remember our aroused aloe? A month ago, when I first noticed it, it had grown a spike three to four feet tall.  Two days later it was over six feet.  Today it’s about twenty feet high, and it’s started to bloom.  Such a mass of yellow flowers, with prominent pistils and stamens, I have never seen … it’s vegetable porn!  The blooms start about seven feet up the spike, and it looks like they’ll eventually extend all the way to the top.  I anticipate quite the yellow mess as the mature flowers die off, slowly, from the bottom up.

Speaking of local color, sitting outdoors at the local coffee shop after our bicycle ride this morning, we suddenly started smelling what we thought at first was marijuana. I looked around to see who had big enough cojones to light up a doobie in public, but everyone looked innocent. Then I craned my neck a little farther and saw what it was: the green pepper guy had set up his big roaster in front of the Safeway next door. When we were done I walked over and bought a bag, and now I’m cooking up a pot of New Mexico green pepper stew. I’ll put the recipe up on my cooking blog, Crouton’s Kitchen, so be sure to check it out in a day or two.

Update (4/22/12): the recipe is here.

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