Photoblogging (in Lieu of Writing)

Nothing much to say today, so I’ll post four photos instead.

Wednesday at the air museum I photographed some aircraft awaiting restoration.  It wasn’t till later, downloading the photos, that I realized all three aircraft were British.  In the top left photo, sitting in front of the museum’s restoration hangar, are a Hawker Hunter (in Swiss colors) and a BAC Lightning.  The large gray object between them is a radome (probably not British, but since it’s only part of an airplane I didn’t count it).  The ungodly antique at top right is an Avro Shackleton, a later variant of the famous WWII Lancaster bomber … a much later variant, since the British continued to fly Shackletons until 1991.

The bottom photos are from today.  Ed and I met early this morning to do a bit of work on my motorcycle, then rode to Bisbee and back, a little over 200 miles.  Our destination was the Bisbee Breakfast Club, just up the street from where we took these photos.  We stopped in Sonoita and spent an hour talking to other motorcyclists out enjoying the day (retired geezers like us) and didn’t get to the BBC until almost 1 PM.  We could still have had breakfast, since they serve it until 3 PM, but decided upon lunch instead.  I wish I had ordered a breakfast … next time that’s what I’ll do.  We were home by 3:30 PM.  There’s nothing like a good ride to clear your mind.

And that’s the trouble … my mind is so clear I can’t think of anything else to write about today!

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  • Ah, Bisbee. Home of one of the great labor wars. Particularly gruesome attacks by the private enforcers. Did you get to the Silver Queen at all?

    Re planes: fascinating stuff. Write more, please. I particularly like the history of the individual planes. Great work.

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