Oh, for a Sound Social Atmosphere!

Regular readers are aware of my fascination with all things North Korean.  I check the Korean Central News Agency site almost every day, and just this morning found this gem:

China Strives to Create Sound Social Atmosphere

Beijing, February 20 (KCNA) — China intensified the campaign against yellow culture and illegal publications in order to ensure a sound and stable social order during the lunar New Year celebration days.

The main purpose of the campaign is to prevent vulgar and erotic information from spreading through Internet and mobile phones and check infringement upon intellectual property rights and manufacture and selling of sham and low-quality goods.

The campaign is also aimed to create a harmonious cultured atmosphere in markets and help youngsters keep up sound physical and mental conditions through Internet and promote markets’ development through production activities.

Of course, China is North Korea’s most important (only?) ally, and one is not likely to encounter critical China coverage from the KCNA.  What do you suppose the Norks and the Chinese mean by “yellow culture”?  All I can find online is this reference from Wikipedia:

Yellow was the color of Imperial China and is held as the symbolic color of the five legendary emperors of ancient China. Yellow often decorates royal palaces, altars and temples, and the color was used in the robes and attire of the emperors.

Yellow also represents freedom from worldly cares and is thus esteemed in Buddhism. Monks’ garments are yellow, as are elements of Buddhist temples. Yellow is also used as a mourning color for Chinese Buddhists.

So maybe “yellow culture” is the embrace of non-government-approved values and lifestyles, exemplified by the manufacture of brand-name knockoffs and the importation of internet porn?  Does that even make sense?  A little, if you sort of squint, I guess.

I dunno, what the Chinese are trying to do (and what the Norks have always done) is tamp out potential rebellion by limiting and controlling what information young people can access.  Kind of like home-schooling an entire nation.

I expect there are a lot of Americans who would like nothing better than a sound social atmosphere here at home.

All I can say to that is, go Wisconsin teachers, go!  And remember, always look for the union label!

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