Reinert, R.I.P.

reinert rip

The dogs and I have — had — an Instagram buddy, Reinert, a short-hair dachshund in Kristiansand, Norway. Reinert’s human ran his IG account and posted daily photos of their walks in town and all over Norway, in fair weather and foul. I do something similar with our three dachshunds, only they don’t have their own account … I post photos and updates about them to my own IG account, along with entries on other subjects. Reinert followed us, as we followed him.

Today on Instagram Reinert’s human announced his death. I clicked “love,” as I do so often on our dear friend’s posts, and left a note of farewell from me, Mr. B, Fritzi, and Lulu. I’m truly sad, missing Reinert and feeling for his human, who was so devoted to him.

Why, oh why, can’t dogs live longer?

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