It’s 10:30 AM in New York City and there’s been no indictment. I knew there wouldn’t be. Know how I knew? Because more than two years into the Biden administration, Louis DeJoy is still postmaster general.

My take on Republican attacks on critical race theory, the 1619 Project, school textbooks that address slavery and racial injustice, wokeism in general? Fear that schools will produce a new generation of white adults who support reparations. The threat of slave rebellions once kept the plantation class up at night. Now it’s the thought of having to pay reparations.

In a skit at a drunken squadron party in the Netherlands, I put on a blonde wig, stuffed balloons down my front, and wore a skirt while playing the part of our commander’s secretary. Which I guess makes me a drag queen.

I subscribed to Paramount Plus in order to watch Wolf Pack, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to television, which started off strong but ended in a hopeless muddle. I should have given up halfway through and saved myself the second month’s subscription fee, but that’s how hard I stan Buffy, er, Sarah.

Thirty-one years ago, an American fighter pilot lost control of his F-16 while trying to piss in a bag and was forced to eject. How is it I’m just now learning of this? I can’t count the number of times I’ve used those bags. Without incident. It’s ten times harder for women fighter pilots to pee in the cockpit, but I’ve never heard of one crashing because of it. Anyway, it’s nice to hear the U.S. Air Force is still actively looking for ways to ease the urinary burden for woman pilots.

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