We’re not riding in the annual El Tour de Tucson today. We rode it last year; afterward, the consensus of our riding group was that it’s too dangerous, what with inexperienced riders weaving in front of you and inexplicably stopping, jersey-clad poseurs whizzing by right left and in between, hit & run road ragers mowing down swaths of riders. So we’re sitting it out.

But since El Tour riders participating in the 109- and 80-mile events go right past our neighborhood, I decided the least I could do this morning was cheer them on. I rode my bike up to the corner and took a few photographs as the lead peloton of the 109-mile race came by. These are the seeded riders, the serious competitors. It was actually pretty exciting watching them approach and ride by. Click any photo for a larger version:

11-21-09_1 11-21-09_2
11-21-09_3 11-21-09_4

Now, of course, I’m feeling all guilty for not entering this year!

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