Saturday Chores

Not much happening hereabouts. My weekly Saturday chores are done. One of our dachshunds, Fritzi, is off her feed and I’m keeping a close eye on her. The other two, Mister B and Lulu, have Valley Fever; we hope Fritzi isn’t coming down with it too.

When a dog has had Valley Fever and another dog so much as sneezes the first thing you think is oh boy here we go again. It hits ’em hard at first, but at least once they’re diagnosed and on the right medication the symptoms go away, and except for having to pay for and administer pills life returns to normal.

Lulu, Fritzi, and the ever camera-shy Mister B

Speaking of the pups, it’s time for another run to the wild bird store, the place I buy seed for the feeders out front (stick with me here, it’s about to make sense). Mr. B usually accompanies me and they always have a treat for him. I wonder, if I bring the Gang of Three, will they be as generous with the Milk-Bones?

Normally I’d stop at the library too … a book I have on hold is in and ready to be checked out … but since Covid they’re closed nights and weekends. You know, apart from the toilet paper, flour, and yeast shortages of 2020, COVID hasn’t inconvenienced us in any significant way. By us, I mean me and Donna. We have everything we need, can get almost anything we want (so long as the money holds out), and neither of us has had so much as a cold in more than two years. Not bragging … we’re extraordinarily lucky and we know it.

When Donna and I were dating in the mid-1960s, the pill was a new thing and women couldn’t just go to the doctor and get a prescription. They had to be able to prove they were married and had their husbands’ consent. With the Supreme Court about to overturn Roe v. Wade, a lot of people argue that birth control will be next, and I’ve seen many a Tweet stating that we’re headed back to the pre-pill era when birth control was illegal in this country.

To which my initial reaction was “What?” Because back in that dismal era I could buy condoms anywhere, from gas station restrooms to drugstores to supermarket checkout lines (not that I did, but that’s another story). But now I remember the labels on condom packages and dispensing machines. The ones that said ”sold for the prevention of disease only.” That’s right, condoms were to keep you from getting the clap, not for preventing pregnancy. So to some degree … as far as I know there were no restrictions on women buying and using diaphragms, which were purely for pregnancy prevention … birth control was illegal, or at least treated as such.

Anyway, fun times ahead, so buckle up. I’d say while we’re at it we should get ready for racial segregation again, but then again it never really went away.

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