Three-Dog Sunday

These guys: there’s always at least one with an ear turned inside out. That’s Fritzi on the left, Mr. B in the middle, Lulu on the right.

You can see the harnesses we’re trying out on Lulu and Fritzi. Lulu’s fits perfectly but Fritzi’s is loose. I’m intimidated by the complexity of the straps, afraid if I try to tighten them I’ll get them as inside out as her ear … all it takes is one Möbius strip-like twist in one of the straps and the plastic snaps at the top won’t click together because one’s right side up and the other isn’t. I’ve learned to be careful taking the harnesses off after our walks so they don’t get twisted. Good old Mr. B is sticking with his tried and true harness, the one he’s always worn. Not only does it fit well, he even helps me put it on every morning by lifting his front legs, one at a time, through the openings.

That’s it. That’s the update. If you’re into airplanes, please check out the Air-Minded post I also wrote today. Now I have to get busy with a letter to a friend, and here’s hoping Louis DeJoy won’t completely dismantle the postal service before he gets it … how is it President Biden’s been in office almost ten months now and that Trump saboteur hasn’t been fired? Hello?

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