And it’s almost upon us. Our son Gregory, daughter in law Beth, and grandchildren Taylor and Quentin will arrive tomorrow and stay till Monday. The occasion’s an away game for Taylor’s high school softball team. That’s where we’ll be all day Saturday, cheering her on.

Sometime Sunday, my niece Gwen may drive down from Phoenix, where she’s on a short visit with her boyfriend, who’ll be traveling with her. And then there’s Ann and Ross, friends from Australia who’ll be in town, whom we’ve also invited to drop by Sunday or Monday.

I’m planning to smoke two racks of spareribs and a large beef brisket on Sunday, so we’ll be able to feed a crowd. My task today is to clean the pool so it’s ready for the kids. The weather? It’s perfect . . . low 90s during the day, low 60s overnight.

Are we ready for all this activity? Of course not! Who ever is?

It’s going to be a great weekend at Chez Paul.

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