Top 10 Ways to Get a Hash Name

10. Have a comical real name, like “Jemimah” or “Percival.”

9. Tell another hasher, in strictest confidence, about the time you got head lice.

8. Sport an embarrassing physical characteristic, like a large and ugly birthmark.

7. If female, suffer from inadvertent queefing. If male, drool.

6. Tell everyone you’re a “player.”

5. Make yourself useful at down-downs by licking dried mud off harriettes’ legs.

4. Get lost on trail, spend the night clinging to a tree on the side of a cliff, be rescued by helicopter.

3. Show your tits.

2. Catch rabies after being attacked by dogs on trail.

And the Number One way to get a hash name is . . .

1. Tell the hash you want a “really cool” name.

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