Tuesday Bag o’ Bluetooth

bag of blue teethMy son bought a wireless Bluetooth comm system for his motorcycle helmet and I thought that might be a dandy thing to have too, so I cashed in my Christmas Amazon gift cards on one. My friend Ed helped me install it, but the first time I turned it on there were indications of trouble. Sound came from the left earpiece but not the right, and there was no feedback from the mic. It paired with my cell phone but wouldn’t make or receive calls. The intercom function, with which my son and I should have been able to talk to each other, helmet to helmet, didn’t work. I was able to listen to music on Pandora while paired to the cell phone, and FM radio too, but only through one ear.

I wondered if Ed and I had forgotten to connect a wire, so this morning I took the helmet apart, uninstalled the unit, and laid it out on my desk. I checked all the connections, which were solid. I went through the menus while listening to first one and then the other earpiece. Only the left one worked. The mic was definitely dead.

Whew, it wasn’t me!

Amazon is pretty great about returns and refunds. They approved the return and sent me the shipping labels. I boxed it up again (never throw original packaging away for at least a year, kids) and have it ready to take to the UPS drop-off. I don’t want a replacement. I’d rather take the refund and buy a helmet system locally, where I can check it out in the store first and get some instruction in how to use it. Huh, I guess there are exceptions to my all-Amazon-all-the-time policy after all.

It could be … I won’t deny the possibility … that as with Snapchat, I’m simply too old for Bluetooth. I bought a Bluetooth selfie stick a while back and never could get it to work. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m becoming quite proficient in taking apart and reassembling the inner pads and linings of Arai full-face motorcycle helmets.

Chili is on the menu tonight, and I’m cooking. It’s good to be home.

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