Thanksgiving 2015

This morning I went looking for family photos to post to Facebook, it being Thanksgiving and all. The last time we were all together was in March, when we went skiing at Brian Head, Utah. I found a great photo of us with our children, Gregory and Polly, and one with our grandchildren, Taylor and Quentin. There are photos of all three generations together, but they all include Polly’s ex and are no longer operative, as they say.

IMG_1369 IMG_1371

We were going to get together again this Thanksgiving, but things changed. It’s still a family holiday, though we’re celebrating it separately: our son and his family at their home in Las Vegas and we with our daughter in Tucson. Gregory, Beth, Taylor (I hope), and Quentin are coming down the week after Christmas, and we’ll be together then.

Since it’s just the three of us today, Donna decided not to roast a turkey from scratch. Popeyes on base was selling deep-fried Cajun turkeys this year so we bought one. I’ve heard too many horror stories of deep-frying home disasters to try it myself, so this is a good compromise for us: just heat it up and serve. Still, you want to do some cooking for Thanksgiving: I’m smoking a boneless turkey breast as a secondary main dish. Polly’s working on the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy (which we had to buy in a tub, since the Cajun turkey is already cooked). Donna laid down the rules of engagement for today: we’re eating at the table, not on trays. Well, it’s only right.

We have so much to be thankful for. This has been a good year for us, and to top it off, six days from now Donna and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary. Too bad we spent all our money on ski vacations and road trips, eh?

I hope it has been a good year for you and yours as well. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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