Thursday Bag o’ Anchor Babies

anchor baby bagI was hoping the mean-spirited and loaded phrase “anchor baby” had gone the way of the dodo but then Trump (who else?) had to say it and of course the media too, and now it’s stinking up the whole place again.

Second- and third-tier Republican candidates are tripping over microphone cables to announce their own plans to overturn the 14th Amendment, and liberal and conservative pundits are talking of nothing else. Anchor babies here, anchor babies there, here an anchor, there an anchor, take their rights away.

Anchor baby must have been cooked up in some political think tank. It’s genetically engineered to evoke an unthinking emotional response, to keep us from having an intelligent, mature discussion. Anchor babies? Chuck ’em out!

I thought the phrase had seen its day in the sun. Then Trump brought it back, and it’s like it never went away. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you might have noticed death panels making an encore appearance. Yesterday I heard a guest on NPR mention the death tax, another golden oldie. How long before Trump reaches back for that Reagan-era favorite, welfare queen?

Tell you what, here’s a golden oldie I’d like to see Trump bring back into the spotlight: draft dodger. That one I can get behind!

Ohhh, my inner conservative is stirring. Time to drive the Prius down to Starbucks for a skim milk latte.

Speaking of Starbucks, I saw this on Twitter today:

one cup

My god, hasn’t Starbucks ever heard of One Girl, One Cup? I think I just gave up coffee. For life.

One thought on “Thursday Bag o’ Anchor Babies

  • Nicely ranty. Starbucks, the place you never have to look for since if you standstill long enough they’ll build one around you. Starbucks, where you get your coffeeesque drink served by guerrilla between wars, a barista. Starbucks, where no one actually drinks coffee only drinks with the word coffee in between the artificial and natural flavorings. I do indeed hate that place.

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