The Glorious Fourth, 2015 Edition

Photos from the Sunnywood Estates 4th of July Parade, Tucson, Arizona:





As you can see, we’re in our annual monsoon season … the overcast greatly reduced the temperature (if not the humidity), and it was pleasant outside. Of course the parade was at nine in the morning. Any later and it would have been too hot, overcast or not.

After the parade we all walked over to a neighbor’s home for a potluck brunch. We hosted a few years ago and I suppose our turn’s coming round again. There are 33 homes in the neighborhood, but about half the residents don’t participate, and of those remaining not all are able to host neighborhood gatherings: some of our elderly neighbors are no longer up to it; others go away for the summer; a few are probably grinches (but you didn’t hear that from me). Still … how many of us live in neighborhoods where there are enough motivated residents to organize events like this? We think we’re very lucky to live here with such a bunch of great people.

It is indeed a glorious fourth!

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