Eat the Rich

11209696_469926303166392_4190474518163375964_nDon’t we wish. The joke is people are outraged (rightly so IMO) over non-contributors getting something for nothing … so long as they’re poor or minorities. When it comes to trust fund babies, celebrities, royals, insanely overpaid CEOs, and the idle heirs of old money, outrage generally turns to acceptance, even admiration. Oh, sure, there are a few of us shouting “eat the rich,” but no one listens.

Resentment is a powerful and basic human emotion, but it’s almost always directed downward toward those we perceive to be beneath us. And who does this benefit? Those at the top, the ones we should resent.

I keep hoping the right kind of demagogic politician will come along, harness our natural resentment, and direct it upwards. Unless this happens, we’ll never see the end of outsourcing jobs and high unemployment. The one percent will take more and more of the pie, leaving us with less and less.

Trouble is, demagogic politicians almost always turn out to be Pol Pots or Hitlers. Maybe there’s just no changing human nature.

We can, however, realistically hope to change other things. Citizens United, for one. If we elect the right president and that president appoints the right justices to the US Supreme Court, we might be able to overturn that horrible, horrible ruling. And if we overturn Citizens United, we might eventually be able to make elections more fair. This could happen.

Which is why I’m for Hillary Clinton. Shut up. Yes I am. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders can’t win against a Republican candidate. Hillary can win and probably will … so long as Democrats don’t throw their votes away on some Ralph Naderish independent candidate.

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3 thoughts on “Eat the Rich

  • Oh, sure, the primary is different. What I’m worried about is that when Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, Sanders will run on a third-party ticket like Nader did. I voted for Nader in 2000 and thus helped get the Chimp elected. Fool me once …

  • Yeah, I voted for John Anderson back in 1980. Haven’t voted a 3rd party ticket since. But then I also voted for McCarthy. I think Bernie understands the problem of splitting the vote and, if it comes down to Hillary or ANY cReep, will withdraw.

    Speaking of the good old days, remember the official CREEP? Amazing no one saw the problem with that one before they selected the name. We used to combine it with the anesthetizer in Walter Mitty and chant, “Pocketa, pocketa, CREEP, Pocketa, Pocketa, CREEP CREEP CREEP!” Was it Art Hope who said that Nixon was the like guaranteed employment for political satirists?
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