I Don’t Know if Scott Walker’s a Shoplifter

After all, I’m not a scientist.

Why are Republicans still fixated on President Obama’s otherness? Especially now, when Obama’s in the final year-and-a-half of his final term in office, soon to join the ranks of former presidents? You’d think after Obama decisively won his second election, and after it became clear the threat of impeachment was an empty one, Republicans would have moved on to trashing Hillary Clinton, Obama’s likely successor. And why is trash-talking Obama even news? Look, media executives: we already know he’s black; we already know Republicans can’t get over it. Isn’t there any serious news you could be reporting on?

Also. Is Hollywood done patting itself on the back yet? From the SAG Awards to the Golden Globes, from the Emmys to the Oscars, I’m burnt out on red carpets and vapid celebrities. I never want to see another awards show. Get back to work and shut up.

There. I’m glad I got all that off my chest. In local news, the dogs are at the vet’s getting their teeth cleaned. Since they have to be anesthetized they haven’t had food or water since last night, and the look in their eyes when we didn’t feed them this morning! We are almost as beside ourselves as they are.

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