Local Color: Winterhaven

This Santa leaves presents and zaps your termites too!

Every year during the holidays residents of Tucson’s Winterhaven neighborhood stage the Festival of Lights. We strolled through Winterhaven last night, apparently a few days early since only a dozen or so homes were fully decorated. By next weekend the Festival will be in full swing, with all the houses illuminated, food and hot cider stands on the wider streets, and hay rides. Still, what we saw was quite impressive.

These photos were taken without flash, wide-open aperture, 1/8-second exposure. Since I forgot to bring one, I had to try to be a human tripod. They came out well, only slightly blurred. Enjoy, or as one somewhat Grinchesque homeowner would say, HO to the third!

Sign says Jiminy Cricket: I see a lot of things here, but no Jiminy

Winter Wonderland has zip slides (blur above yard star is a boy zooming by)

South Pole house: penguins are repurposed political yard signs

HO to the third? Now *that’s* getting into the Xmas spirit!

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  • p.s. I use the term “holidays” intentionally. One, because I despise the Christian right for trying to bully everyone into saying CHRISTmas; two, because the annual holy days (get it, idiots?) include several non-Christian celebrations.

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