Mystery Cult Pin

2012-07-29 09.32.57
Mystery pin

The pin (left) came on the Cultie’s keychain. I’m trying to figure out whether it’s Ducati-related or if I can throw it away. It reminds me of the pin I use to release the slide on my 9mm pistol when I want to clean it. Any Ducati experts out there? I tried to post this photo to a Ducati forum but it didn’t work. Hmmm … maybe I should try the pin on the pistol. Bet it’ll work.

Yeah, Culty.  Cult Bike is too cumbersome.  Or should that be Cultie?  It’s going to be Polly’s bike, so maybe Cultie.  I’m sure it’ll have other names before this is all over.  I’ve been giving Polly short lessons around the neighborhood.  Long deep divots in my gravel driveway from where she’s learning to put the thing into motion without killing the engine.  Otherwise she’s doing okay.  A little more each day.  She was supposed to have signed up for a motorcycle safety course yesterday but blew it off.  This could be all the excuse I need to put it on Craigslist and sell it, but I’ll give her another chance.  Why?  Because she looks so damn happy on it.

Polly on the Cultie

I rode it to the coffee shop this morning.  The other Ducati riders who go there ride new machines and wear full-body racing gear.  Our Cultie has a nice patina of age and use, and I wear jeans and a Harley shirt.  I still felt like a poseur.

Oh, I put that photo of Polly on Facebook and was immediately besieged by helmet scolds.  I react poorly to that sort of thing, and Polly’s my daughter … by which I mean she is a lot like me.  If someone gives her a ration for riding on our cul-de-sac without a helmet, she’s likely to say screw it and never wear one.  So don’t, okay?  Trust me … I want her to wear a helmet, and she plans to.  We may go buy one today, in fact.

Well, darn, now I’m all psyched to go riding.  See you later.

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