Crouton’s Shrimp & Chicken Italian Sausage w/Cheese Polenta & Sriracha Sauce

Let me just say, right off the bat, that this was an experiment based on a popular Southern dish, shrimp & cheese grits. Next time I’ll add a green vegetable on the side for color, and perhaps substitute chicken breast meat for the chicken Italian sausage, because the strong fennel taste of […]


Crouton’s Crockpot Pulled Pork

I had some home-made pulled pork at a friend’s house last month and decided to try it myself. My goodness, even Ditalini liked it. I’ll definitely do this again.

Crouton’s pulled pork (with cole slaw)


4 lbs pork shoulder or butt 2 large onions 8-10 oz ginger ale 18 oz barbecue sauce




Crouton’s Fried Okra

I bought some catfish at the market yesterday and saw they had fresh okra in the produce section. Hmmm, I thought, fried okra to go with the fried catfish? Sounds southern!

Crouton's Fried Okra


Fresh okra 1/3 cup flour 1/2 cup cornmeal cayenne pepper to taste salt to taste 2 eggs beaten with […]