Cell Phone Drops: Who Calls Back?

From Richard Wolpert’s Blog, something useful that also makes perfect sense.  It’s my new rule, and — as requested — I’m passing it on:

Rules To Follow When Cell Phones Drop Coverage

BrokecellphoneYou all know the drill and how annoying it is.  You’re on a cell phone call with someone.  the connection drops.  You aren’t sure whose signal was worse.  So you both call each other back at the same time and get each others voice mail.  So you realize the other person is calling you back (you both realize this at the same time). So then you, and the other person, both decide to not dial again and wait for the other person to call you back.  But they are doing the same so a few minutes go by and each of you are thinking that the other person is waiting for you to call them so you both again dial each other and get a busy signal

LET’S STOP THE MADNESS. Let’s just follow this simple rule.

If you are on a cell phone call and the call gets dropped, the new rule is that that person that initiated the call in the first place calls the other one back. No dual dials.  No dual voice mails.  No 3 minute delays to get the call going again.  Its really this simple.

  1. if you initiated the call and it drops you call the other person back.
  2. if you received the call and it drops you just wait for the call back.

Please pass this along or forward the link to this post to everyone you know.  It will save us all time and frustration.

Credit where credit’s due: spotted at Making Light.

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