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First, a quick recap for anyone who may be unfamiliar with my blogs. I have three: Paul’s Thing, my personal blog (the one you’re reading now); Crouton’s Kitchen, my online cookbook and recipe collection; and the Half-Mind Weblog, where I write about the Hash House Harriers.

Lately I’ve begun to think of the Half-Mind Weblog as Halfmindistan. My forces have been engaged there for 15 years, almost as long as my country has been in Afghanistan. It may seem inappropriate to use a military metaphor for blogging about the hash, but I feel as if I’m at war with the Half-Mind Weblog, so here’s a SITREP to bring you up to date.

There’s been something wrong with that blog’s software for a while now. It’s gotten worse: I can no longer add new posts to it. The simplest solution, it seemed to me, would be to start a new blog, then import the contents of the old blog. This is proving to be an even knottier military problem, and I cannot guarantee my forces will prevail.

For now, I’ve decided to keep the existing Half-Mind Weblog online as an archive site. Visitors can still read everything that’s there, including years’ worth of Ask Doctor Down-Down advice columns, interviews with notable hashers, rants about hashing, hashing history, the hash dictionary, how-to posts for new hashers and hares, the hash party cookbook … basically everything I’ve ever written about the Hash House Harriers. You just won’t see any new posts there, because that function no longer works.

Instead, when I have a hash trash or something new to say about hashing, I’ll post it here on Paul’s Thing. This blog, thank G, still works perfectly.

This may only be temporary. I may still figure out how to transfer the old blog’s contents to a new blog. And we may eventually defeat the Taliban and turn Afghanistan into a peace-loving suburb of the USA.

In other words, don’t hold your breath.

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