KDH3 Mash Trash: 4/28/19

Members and guests of the Knuckledraggers H3 Baja Arizona Riding Club met at the Triple T truck stop bright and early on Sunday, the 28th of April, for the monthly mash (motorcycle hash). As is only right and proper, the hare, Wankers Aweigh, arrived first, followed by Just Kirk, Loose Nut, Flying Booger, Snot Rocket, and a surprise last-minute masher, Is It In Yet?, astride the very Yamaha XJ650 Turbo that starred (along with Sean Connery, that is) in Never Say Never Again. Or was it?

L to R: Snot Rocket, Wankers, Just Kirk, Loose Nut, 3IY and the 007 bike

Wankers, Loose Nut, and Flying Booger are all regulars. Just Kirk knows two of us, and we’re working on convincing him to try regular hashing so he can become a member. Snot Rocket is Flying Booger’s sister-in-law from Michigan, a named hasher who cut her teeth during previous visits to Tucson. 3IY, as we call him for short, is a member of the jHavelina, Mr. Happys, and Pedalfiles hashes, and this was his first Knuckledraggers mash.

Wankers led us on a merry chase down beauteous State Route 83, over Santa Rosa Pass to Sonoita and the wine country near Elgin, then continued southeast on 83 through what was to the rest of us unfamiliar territory. Flying Booger was sorry he didn’t bring his GoPro, because the winding, hilly two-lane road was almost too scenic for Arizona, and came complete with unfenced cows wandering about. We left the cows alone and they didn’t seem too bothered by us, unlike their free-range brothers and sisters outside Arivaca, another Knuckledraggers destination, who startle easily and have a tendency to bolt out in front of approaching motorcycles. Anyway, you get the idea …. scenic as fuck.

Alas, our progress was interrupted by the locked west gate of Fort Huachucha, and we began to wonder if Wankers knew what he was doing after all. We backtracked to Elgin, then got on State Route 82 through Whetstone and on to SR 80, which took us south to the Town that Wouldn’t Die, Tombstone.

In Tombstone: Seabiscuit & Secretariat, 3IY, Flying Booger, Loose Nut, Wankers, Snot Rocket, Just Kirk

Lunch, circle, and on-afters were held at Big Nose Kate’s, followed by a group ride through Benson and back to Tucson on I-10, with Knuckledraggers peeling off at their individual exits.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a photo, but Loose Nut brought a guest along for the ride, a pack rat that’s moved into the heater under his dashboard. If you’re wondering what kind of motorcycle has a heater under the dashboard, don’t burn too many brain cells over it: Loose Nut keeps saying he’s going to get a motorcycle, but promises, promises … he tags along in his minivan. (Hey, here’s an idea: if Loose Nut is going to continue tailing us in his minivan, why don’t we make it the official KDH3 Baja Arizona B van?)

The next KDH3 Baja Arizona Riding Club mash will be Saturday, the 25th of May. Flying Booger is haring, and the tentative plan is to ride from Tucson to Kitt Peak, then stop for a circle and on-afters at Fred’s Arena near Three Points. Details TBA by email and on our Facebook page.

This is a #HashHouseHarrier post. See the Half-Mind Weblog Archives if you want to know more about the Hash House Harriers and hashing.

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