Emotional Blackmail

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.01.46 AMCut & paste Facebook cancer posts. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that lead off with an implied threat. Like this: “I’m going to make this bet, without being pessimistic, I wish ‘my friends’ would put this on their wall. Just have to copy (not share)!!! I want to know who I can count on … And I’m sure it will be less than 5.” Or this: “I’m going to say goodbye to some of you … now I’m watching the ones who will have the time to read this post until the end. This is a little test, just to see who reads and who shares without reading!” Or this: “I’m not mentioning names, but I’m gonna take care of those who are gonna take the time to read this post to the end.”

I never read past the threat. The implication that I’m not making the cut as a friend or that I might be unfriended if I don’t follow instructions makes me see red. As far as I know I’ve never been unfriended for ignoring these posts, but the threats keep coming. And I keep ignoring them.

Damn, I get enough emotional blackmail from my dogs. Right now I’m being pressured to take Mr. B for a walk, and I’m still in my bathrobe. Will I get dressed and do it? Of course I will.

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