Doxie Tikki Masala

856661_10151436737222346_1483880795_oI love getting things done first thing in the morning. Gym, car wash, root around in the garage looking for a pair of dog carriers I stowed away two years ago, pay the annual registration on the motorcycle. Hey, when you’re retired, you either learn to savor everyday tasks or you die of boredom, and I’m not ready to die.

Donna went out to play bridge last night so I drove to the nearest Vietnamese restaurant for takeout. When I asked the dogs if they wanted to come along, they both scampered out to the garage. Schatzi’s always ready to go, but Maxie’s kind of meh about it. Sometimes she’s eager to come along, sometimes she hides under the couch. Last night she was up for a ride. Normally both dogs call shotgun, but this time I made them sit on the back seat. They stayed put like good’uns, all the way to the restaurant and back.

We had a pair of dog seats in the back of our old Trailblazer. I took them out one day to make room for human passengers and never reinstalled them. I went looking for them when I got home this morning and strapped them to the back seat of the truck. I think the pups will be happy to see their old seats again. The thing about dog seats is they’re high enough to see out the windows, and the girls do love to know what’s going on. I’m planning a lunch run later today, just so I can take them with me. Even though I just had the car washed and for once there aren’t any dog nose slug trails on the inside of the windows.

Tonight I’m making chicken tikki masala for the first time. Not doing anything fancy or creative, just following the recipe printed on the back of a jar of Patak’s tikki masala paste, and cooking a cup of rice to go along with it. Oh, and yesterday I stopped by the Babylon Market and bought a bag of frozen garlic naan. Let’s hope this adventure ends well.

By the way, I have a British friend who knows Indian cooking. I’m hoping he’ll read this post and send me some tips. Tony, you there?

I couldn’t bear to watch the news last night or to check it this morning, so no current events or political commentary today. Aren’t you glad? You should be.

Now it’s time to take the puppies for a ride.

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2 thoughts on “Doxie Tikki Masala

  • Boredom in retirement?
    I guess that comes in time. My calendar has been rather full since I retired and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up.

    Shakespeare used to love to go for rides; I had an ’87 Escort wagon and he’d jump right into the back cargo area. (And he filled every square inch.) He used to love to look out the windows and wag his tail as people would look in awe and wave at the St Bernard in the back of that little car. When he wagged his tail, the entire car shook. Surprised I never got stopped for weaving within my lane going down the road.

    Let us know how the Masala comes out. I’ve never been able to make it come out the way we had it in Goa way back when.
    As far as Naan goes, I bake it in my pizza oven at around 800F. It’s pretty much in and out at that temp but it gives it that hint of char on the bread that seems to make all the difference.

  • The masala was good, especially considering it was such a basic recipe. I bought a bag of frozen garlic naan (4 pieces). Heated them up quickly in a 400-degree oven. We ate all 4 pieces! I have a big Kitchenaid and used to bake bread and pizza dough but haven’t for years. Keep telling myself I need to start making bread again. Some day I will.

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