Photoblogging Maynards

We go walking in downtown Tucson every Monday night. The event is called Meet Me at Maynards, but I always think of it as “Meet Meat Maynards” since their web domain is It’s a kind of dyslexia, I think.

The walks no longer start and end at Maynards but across the street at the Hotel Congress. Since I hurt my knee I haven’t been able to walk, so I sit with the doggies at the outdoor patio in front of the hotel while Donna and our friends walk. Every now and then I think how pretty the neon signs are and wish I had my camera. Last night I remembered to bring it. Click on the thumbnails to see the originals on Flickr:

10-29-12_1 10-29-12_2 10-29-12_3

The last photo is of Fritz and Julie, friends we see at Maynards most Monday nights. Fritz is a standard dachshund, and a great friend of Schatzi’s. Julie is his human. As you can probably deduce, last night’s walk had a Halloween theme.

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