My Interspecies Marriage

Boy, I remember how upset my parents were when I told them I was marrying an Italian girl. “How can you turn your back on your own species?” they cried. But I was blinded by love and wouldn’t listen. Oh, we suffered for our love. Society turned its back on us. Restaurants wouldn’t serve […]


Hummingbird Update

June 20: first noticed that a hummingbird had built a nest under our patio June 30: first looked inside the nest and realized she was sitting on two eggs July 5: chicks hatched around noon July 6: started posting hummercam photos to Flickr

Yeah, my server guy has been nudging me about all the […]


God Bless America

So I’m down at the corner coffee shop this morning, and I see this guy outside the Safeway next door:

His name is Don and he’s the inventor. He told me the fan pushes him along at 25mph on flat ground. He’s in the process of securing his patents and is just starting to […]