Photoblogging Polly’s Birthday Party

Polly’s birthday was almost two weeks ago, but she couldn’t get down to Tucson until this weekend. Donna and Polly went shooting Saturday morning and afternoon; in the evening we had friends over for dinner and an impromptu party.

Mary Anne & Polly

Damn, Wog, forget your sun block?

Paul, Donna, Polly, and […]


Critter Photoblogging

I don’t often mention it, but we have a cat:


Chewie’s about 14 years old. Even when she’s relaxing, she looks like she’s thinking evil thoughts.


Schatzi had a big day yesterday: we hashed all afternoon, then had a house full of company in the evening. This is at the party, […]


Pistol-Packin’ Mama Photoblogging

Donna & Polly spent all day Saturday at the range.

Donna draws down

Dead Eye Polly

Should I worry?


Wrenching Payback

After tearing my motorcycle apart on Tuesday, taking a little ride on it Friday seemed appropriate. Ed, my partner in maintenance mayhem, came along to make sure we’d put everything back together correctly!

Lunch at the Velvet Elvis, Patagonia, Arizona

We rode south and west on back roads through the Santa Rita Mountains to […]


Thirty-One Things I Call My Dog

When my kids grew up and moved off on their own, I had all this love and affection left over. Especially since I never used much of it when the kids were around. So I got a dog, and discovered that once you start lavishing love and affection on a pet, things can quickly […]


Motorcycle Maintenance Log, Part III

Two months ago my motorcycle key slipped from my fingers and dropped down between the fork tubes. Before I could grab it, it slipped beneath a plastic shroud and fell down inside the fairing, deep inside where no hand could reach. I was, of course, 25 miles from home at the time. Donna, the kindest […]


Paul’s DVD Reviews: 400 Channels & Nuthin’ to Watch

Downfall (2004) If you have even the slightest interest in WWII in Europe, Downfall is a must-see. Who isn’t fascinated by Hitler? I lived in Germany in the mid-1950s and the images are still with me: bombed out buildings, walls with bullet holes, kids my age with twisted legs from rickets, women everywhere, almost […]


Paul’s Book Reviews: Page Turners & Midnight Oil Burners

Army of the Republic, by Stuart Archer Cohen For the past two years I’ve been seriously thinking about what American working people might do if the government allows employers to destroy labor unions and cancel pension obligations. I’ve been entertaining fantasies of assassination teams, composed of unemployed and retired auto workers, picking off high-profile […]