Sunday Dachshund Blogging

I promised my sisters I’d post new photos of Schatzi, so here she is, five minutes ago:

And again, three minutes ago, demonstrating a dachshund survival technique, the ability to blend in with its background:

She sleeps. She wakes. It’s a dog’s life.



Saturday Story Time (Part I)

We were up at 5:15 this morning, which is what you gotta here do if you want to squeeze in a bike ride in before it gets hot. It was just a 16-mile ride, but hilly – and included the hill I vowed to conquer last summer, which now seems like an anthill (if, that […]


When in Blogland

. . . do as the Bloglanders do. It’s cat blogging time at Being and Bloginess!

When we travel, our friend Angela sometimes stays at our house. She brings her cat, Kittyman. Kittyman is big on turf, and always claims our cat’s bed.

The usurper

And here’s our poor cat, Chewie, the refugee of […]


Old Man River

Donna and I are in Missouri, visiting with Dad and Lois . . . and the rest of my family, which over the years has become an extended one, but not so extended I can’t keep track of names, and, more important, who’s related to who (with lots of help from Donna, naturally). When I’m […]


Son of Saturday Morning Catch-Up Blogging

Okay, I cede the battle. Our ground squirrels and pack rats are smarter than the traps I set out for them. For now, they have the run of the property. For now, they scoff at me.

Vermin take note: I have not ceded the war.

Yesterday’s news today: our first 100-degree day; regular gas finally […]


Saturday Morning Catch-Up Blogging

Those Hav-a-Hart animal traps? Not half as clever as the vermin they’re meant to imprison. Our score to date:

Animals trapped: 1 Trap set, bait missing, no animal inside: 3 Trap tripped, bait missing, no animal inside: 6 Trap tipped on side, bait still there, no animal inside: 1 Faint sound of rodent laughter in […]


In Which I Cry Uncle

Several years ago, when the internet consisted of a single tube, an uncle discovered my Hash House Harrier web site, the Half-Mind Catalog. He bypassed the serious stuff and went straight to the dirtiest, filthiest, nastiest page on the site, something I’d put up for the amusement of my dirty, filthy, nasty friends.

He wrote, […]