Posting Oldies

Over the past week I cross-posted some older entries from the Half-Mind Weblog. They appear in the Being and Bloginess archives, under the month and year I originally wrote them. I’m still not sure what this blog’s going to be when it grows up, but these older entries seem . . . at least to […]


I Hate Getting Old: Reason #47

Medical appointments. Working at a VA hospital, I see the same patients every few days, sometimes every day. The older they get, the more appointments they have, right up until they move into the hospice wing, where they have just one big appointment.

Now I’m starting down the same path. Two months ago I broke […]


Al Qaeda: Still Around

So the British foil another terror plot, one similar to a previous terror operation planned by Al Qaeda.

I’ve said this before: Israel’s war with Hezbollah and Hamas aside, for Europe, the UK, and the USA, there’s one clear target in the war on terror. His name is Osama bin Laden. When are we going […]


Sunday Trunk Show Blogging

Our friend Mary Anne’s hosting a trunk show for Donna today, inviting people over to drink wine and look at Donna’s embroidery samples. I’m expected to put in an appearance, maybe even work the party as a shill, at least with people who don’t know I’m Donna’s husband: “I love that! Can I buy a […]