War Protesters Attending Military Funerals?

I read this on one of my motorcycle forums this morning:

I attended my first cousions funeral today. He was buried with full Military Honors in Bowling Green KY. He was killed in Bagdad Iraq on June 14. His Armored Humvee took a direct hit from a RPQ.

The State Governor was there to pay […]


The Dumbing Down of Virtually Everything (Part III)

Here are some fascinating statistics, compiled by Arianna Huffington at The Huffington Post:

Here are the number of news segments that mention these stories: (from a search of the main news networks’ transcripts from May 1-June 20).

ABC News: Downing Street Memo: 0 segments Natalee Holloway: 42 segments Michael Jackson: 121 segments CBS News: Downing […]


Dick Durbin, Traitor?

Last Tuesday, Senator Durbin of Illinois spoke about the US detention center at Guantanamo Bay. People are calling him a traitor for comparing the USA to Nazi Germany and other evil regimes. They say his speech puts our troops at risk and encourages terrorism. They say he hates America.

But did he actually compare the […]


The Dumbing Down of Virtually Everything (Part II)

Every morning, my wife watches the Today show on NBC. Since our kitchen adjoins the family room, I can’t avoid seeing and hearing portions of the show as I make breakfast. My God, how much lower can network TV set the bar? Missing white women, Michael Jackson, celebrity chitchat, interviews with NBC reality show contestants […]


Prairie Home Zzzzz . . .

It’s Saturday, and I’m listening to NPR. Which reminds of something I’ve been meaning to ask other public radio listeners . . . is it just me, or has Garrison Keillor lost his spark? I still pay attention to the Lake Wobegon stories, but I pretty much tune out the rest of his show. How […]


Trouble in the Old Pueblo

Picture this: Last night, a 14-year-old boy stole an earthmover in mid-town Tucson and drove it, with over 25 police units in pursuit, from one side of town to the other. As we watched the live reports on TV, we felt like we were living in Los Angeles, not sleepy little Tucson . . . […]