Blogging Triumphant!

Come the revolution, every comrade will have a blog!

All of a sudden, everyone is taking blogging – and bloggers – seriously. Especially the Medium Lobster.

Well, there’s no danger of this blogger taking himself seriously.

Happy New Year!


Our Wayward Press

Drudge links to a WorldNetDaily article headlined “Rumsfeld says 9-11 plane ‘shot down’ in Pennsylvania.”

Here’s what Rumsfeld actually said:

“I think all of us have a sense if we imagine the kind of world we would face if the people who bombed the mess hall in Mosul, or the people who did the bombing […]


So My Wife Has this Thing

. . . with one of her sisters.

Donna’s sister Robin comes to visit every three years. Before each visit, Donna spends thousands of dollars on home improvements. I suppose Robin does the same thing when we visit her in Michigan. It’s a showing-off dynamic, like those prairie families you see in old photographs, posing […]


Toy Runs: Charity or Menace?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Donna & friend Deb, Tucson Toy Run, 2002

This is the time of year for motorcycle toy runs. What’s a toy run? Typically, bikers gather in a park to donate toys, followed by a parade-like ride through town, led by Santa on a motorcycle. What I like about toy […]


The Good Old Days

“You can have two different sides, a Northern perspective and a Southern perspective.”

Yeah, and you can have two different theories, like evolution and intelligent design. Why, one’s just as good as the other.

And you can have two different realities. Iraq had nothing to do with flying planes into the World Trade Center and […]


AIDS Day (Sorry I’m Late)

Open mouth, insert foot . . .

December 1st was World AIDS Day. Driving to work I listened to BBC, whose coverage of AIDS news was not just thorough, but relentless. Half an hour later, sitting at my desk (on my fat white privileged ass), I said something positively Rush-worthy: “I’ll start caring about AIDS […]