On Not Going to Cardiff

What, you’re not going to InterHash?

We were going, but a year ago we realized that unless we went straight to Cardiff and then straight home, it would be far too expensive a trip. To do the things we wanted to do, which included a tour of Scotland and a visit to Donna’s family in […]


The Dumbing Down of Virtually Everything (Part I)

Is it just me, or did the lowest common denominator just slingshot into the lead on the back straightaway of this racetrack we call life?

Donna and I both had frustrating days and neither of us wanted to cook, so we went to Hooters for wings and beer. Yeah, I know, if you want to […]


Recall Who?

From the Washington Monthly:

THE BAND PLAYS ON….Among the 5,000 reservists called up for duty last week are two trumpeters, one trombonist, four clarinetists, three saxophone players, an electric bass player and a euphonium player:

“Is there not a way to do without the euphonium player?” [Representative Vic] Snyder asked Gen. Richard A. Cody, the […]