The Case of the Purloined Photo

I posted a photo to a Timex watch owners’ group on Facebook. A fun photo, taken in a playful mood. A day or two later, I came across this, sent out to the group as a whole:

Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 3.30.05?PM

Where I come from, it’s polite to ask for permission before using someone else’s work. Attribution is nice, too. It’s what I do when I borrow stuff that’s not my own.

So, as you can see, I left a comment. It went south from there. Mr. Schumacher’s reply: “We won’t be asking your permission to use a photo you posted on this forum. Would you like it removed?”

Yes, I would like it removed. Remove me from the group while you’re at it. I’ve only a few years left on station and choose not to spend it among vulgarians.

Our air conditioner quit working Friday afternoon, coincidentally the hottest day of the year so far. Do you believe in coincidences? Me, I’m starting to wonder.

We put in a call to the guy who serviced it last month, but he didn’t get back to us until Saturday morning, only to tell us he couldn’t work us in for a week. We closed the blinds, turned on the fans, and tried to limit our physical activity … so long as we didn’t break a sweat, I figured, we’d manage (and we didn’t, and we did!). Meanwhile we called our neighbor Ed, who used to own a heating and air conditioning business. He retired a few years ago and we hated to call him, but we were getting desperate. Good neighbor that he is, he came over, popped a panel, and discovered a bad capacitor. Donna and I drove to a nearby HVAC supply warehouse, bought a new one, and called Ed on our way home. He came over again, popped it in, and everything’s cool (literally & figuratively). It could have been worse, much worse. We lucked out.

Speaking of photos, though, check out the pups here:


Just a casual snap, holding the cell phone in front of me and taking a reverse shot of Lulu and Fritzi. At the risk of repeating myself, I took this photo (Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike), and yes you may use it if you like. Just credit me if you do, okay?

3 thoughts on “The Case of the Purloined Photo

  • I just got into a flame war on Dkos over unattributed images and ugly AI ‘art’. The Original Poster had a half dozen pics taken from the web, no source, no attribution.
    And an ugly ass, meaningless AI header ‘art’ image, signifying all the meaning that a spellchecker can do – none.
    I gently mentioned how rampant image theft was online, and added that AI automated that plagiarism for you.
    The OP and his(?) pals rained pee on me as a trump and Koch Bro shill, distracting attention from their Very Important post about how all the ills of climate woes will end with orange man’s defeat. Then the always mysterious Dkos Authority stepped in, to gently admonish the OP about following Dkos’s Terms Of Service regarding stealing images and text and videos off the internet.
    Initial faint contrition from OP at being called out by the DK moderator (or confident seeming, know-it-all, lurking butt-in-ski, I don’t know which) about their nasty theft habit. The usual excuses: how would I know site rules? I just did it this six times, that’s all! I was in a hurry!
    But soon, come to think about it, it’s all that troll todgermanica’s fault, why didn’t he, or somebody, warn me that stealing pics then posting them to DK was against the rules?
    Mentality of a 13 year old, and possibly actually is one considering that on the internet nobody knows you are a dog. They are Big Mad at me for pointing out, in a kind way, how shitty stealing things off the web is.
    A sample:
    “How dare you try and undercut the substance of my editorial with you’re whining about website rules. All you had to do was mention them. That would have been being a good denizen [think they mean ‘netizen’, that stupid, cliche neologism. Their piss poor, pabulum writing sounds like AI did that for them, too.]
    “I am sorry that I broke them and I won’t in the future, but you Sir or Miss or MRS, are 100% off base with you’re objection!
    “You then may deserve global warming but the rest of us who are concerned about its consequences and are trying to prevent them don’t deserve this. That includes all of the third world who suffer while trolls like you sip wine and watch sunsets…”
    “Say hello to the last remaining Koch brother for me! There are a lot of Trolls here and there on the web from the Fossil Fuel industry and as far as I am concerned at this point you have revealed yourself to be one them.
    They missed the memo that AI requires massive server farms and the related yuge power plants. The Dead Koch Brother(s) love them some co2 spewing, AI fossil fuel power plants. Not me.
    Strange ending, eh? Cheers? Good luck? When they obviously hate my stinking guts. I let them have the last word after I ruined their debutante DK post with my petty carping. But I thought of 2 possible responses:
    “Lighten up, Francis.” Or else:
    “You are welcome. Go thou, and sin no more”.
    Last time I saw the insipid post, the ripped off pics were still there, still no source or attribution. Because who can bother?

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