I Can Run But I Can’t Hide

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 9.10.45 AMIn olden times, weblogs were described as online diaries. Mimi Smartypants, a blogger who started in 1999, still calls her blog a diary. Daily Kos, the group blog founded by Markos Moulitsas in 2002, consists of diaries contributed by guest diarists.

I’m a guest diarist at DKos, where my contributions are listed as pwoodford’s diaries. DKos is phasing in newer terminology, starting to call diaries blogs, but as you can see from the screen grab I took off my DKos profile page this morning, the divorce from diarists and diaries isn’t final.

When I’m on DKos I’m happy to use their terms, but here on my own blog I call myself a blogger. Diaries, to me, are private. Blogs are public, meant to be shared. With anyone. The more the merrier.

Which is why it felt weird to me to change my Facebook and Twitter privacy settings to “friends only” earlier this week. My social media posts, past and present, are now visible only to friends & followers. I have my reasons, which I hope to be able to share soon.

Meanwhile, though, here’s my blog, right here on the internet where anyone can see it. Google me, it’s the ninth link that comes up. Not real sure what I can do about that. As I said, my blog is public, meant to be shared. With anyone. The more the merrier.

Hope I don’t have to eat those words anytime soon.


2 thoughts on “I Can Run But I Can’t Hide

  • Now I’ve never used Facebook or Twitter or any social media site except talkbass.com, the bass players’ chat forum (and bassists are basically antisocial)- and my bass solos on tiktok. But it sounds like you are pulling in your horns a bit. Litigation? Social media doxing? Stalking? Anyhow, you need to do what’s best for you. I’m still reading your back air-minded posts, from 2016 even, and I’ll be sad when I’ve read them all. So keep posting here anyhow.
    I do read DK and they seem to have a culture of their own. But this is a blog. I have a blog. The sheriff on Squidbillies had a blog. At one point everybody was supposed to have a blog and we’d have round tables of reading each other’s blogs. But FaceBelch happened instead. And sites like DK. As you say, diaries are private.
    Posting on someone else’s website is also not a blog, whatever Kossites say. They are trying to subtly agrandize and colonize the homey, friendly world ‘blog’ for their own purposes. But you and me and sheriff squidbilly ain’t gonna let that happen. Are we?
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  • Tod, as to Daily Kos, I cross post most of my Air-Minded stuff there, along with my book reviews. It’s a way to reach a wider audience, and there’s a lot more back & forth with readers than on my own blog, which has no more than a couple of hundred readers, few of whom comment. I do appreciate your comments here … they liven the place up.

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