If you’ve read my recent posts, you know our good boy Mister B has been under the weather, most likely with pneumonia. He’s seen the vet four times in just over ten days, and during yesterday’s visit she recommended we take him to an animal hospital to be put on intravenous fluids and antibiotics, because the oral antibiotics she’s been treating him with aren’t doing the trick.


We dropped him off at a hospital we know and trust later that afternoon and are confident Mister B will get the treatment he needs. He’ll probably be there for two days.

Curbside drop-off and pickup is the name of the game these days. After surrendering Mister B to a nurse who met us outside, we backed into a parking space and waited, watching car after car pull up to the curb. People like us, delivering sick dogs and cats, picking up prescriptions, occasionally getting their beloved pets back after treatment … as we hope to do later this week.

As we waited, they did an intake examination, went over the x-rays and paperwork we delivered along with Mister B, and worked out a treatment plan. After a series of cell phone calls with the hospital staff, we drove back up to the curb, paid a deposit with a credit card, and went home. One of the vets called last night to tell us how Mister B was getting along; another one called this morning. So far so good. We expect another update this afternoon.

I woke up this morning with aching molars. Apparently I ground my teeth in my sleep; first time that’s happened in a while. Donna didn’t sleep well either.

I posted a short update on Mister B to Facebook late last night, hoping family and friends wouldn’t immediately start asking questions, because I certainly didn’t feel up to answering any. Bless them, they sent best wishes and didn’t ask for details. We just want our dog to get better and be himself again; any pet owner will understand that.

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your good thoughts and concern!

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2 thoughts on “Mister B

  • Don and I know and understand. We are sending healing thoughts and prayers for Mr B’s speedy recovery. ??

  • Hope all goes well, and Mr. B comes home! He is as much the master of the family (in his mind) as you are. We (wife Charlie) and I are dog people, but no longer have pets, do to our age and the necessities involved in pet care. I do perform the dog care for my daughter and her kids, when they are out of town. She has two golden retrievers, both young females.

    I hope you are safe from the wildfires in your area, and hope smoke in the air didn’t cause Mr. B’s respiratory issues. My other daughter has completed her move with husband John Phillips, to Gilbert. They have both started work in Scottsdale, she with the school district, and he with the Scottsdale PD.

    We will make a scouting trip for our possible relocation to Arizona maybe in July or August. If time allows, and we get to the Tucson area, I’ll get in touch with you.

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