Hash Will Give Your Beautiful Feeling

Unintentional humor results when an online content farm runs a stolen article on hashing through Google translate in order to avoid a copyright suit:

Hash House Harriers is full name of HASH. The short titles are Hash, HHH and 3H. It is a kind of relaxation world sport. In the year of 1938; the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is its birth land. There are 184 countries in the whole world to launch this sport. The Beijing, Guangzhou, shanghai, Shenzhen, Urumqi in China and other cities are their members.

Hash does not have stationary members and textures and also do not have fixed mode. The different cities are different in methods. But the Hash has two the same theme. The running and beer are their theme. The people who take part in it will call the running club with a drinking problem. After decades of development, Hash is no longer simple sport. The characteristic is distinctive and the culture is unique glamour.

hash is upholding nature health, solidarity and friendships and it also has positive and challenge ego.

There is one important thing in the Hash and it is interesting and difficulty running.

There are one or two players to act as hare voluntarily in every active. It sets intricate path in the open air in advance. While the attendances called themselves harriers may track the way of hare. They are seeking for hares’ feetprint with the hot sun or big rain. It is not only to exercise your body but also chasten your wills for doing this for one or two hours. In the time of pursuing the harriers are going to have team work and separate work if every crossroad comes into their eyes. The attendance are willing to help each other when someone has trouble. If someone is lost, he will not only experience the challenge of adaptations but also experience the unity and love of team in the course of finding the loser.

The sport of Hash is showing a kind of humor, open and clear, natural and optional life attitude. The people should make closely to the city especially they are suffering the city life. They should relax nervous body and mind, which is the life style that the city people pursuing.

Look at the running shoes with muddy water and the shanks with burrs. You are not yourself anymore at weekdays when you have a nice song and drink ice beer. You have forgotten what you are look like in your office. The new and old friends are getting together to scream in the open air. You may tell the jokes presumptuously and sing and dance as you like. Our bodies get tired while our heart and soul are in the relaxation.

And you know the best part?  The article was written by (wait for it) Peter Harder!  If that doesn’t put a burr on your shank and make you scream in the open air, I don’t know what will.

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