Dr. Down-Down’s Rules

Dr. Down-Down’s Personal Rules of Hashing:

  • Rules for haring:
    • Trails should be obvious
    • Checks should be hard
    • Hares go looking for missing hashers
  • Rules for leading circles:
    • Never sing the same down-down song twice
    • Never make the same person drink more than twice
    • Keep it moving
  • Rules for hashing in general:
    • At a check, think like a hare
    • When lost, go back to the last check
    • When that doesn’t work, go back to the start
    • When that doesn’t work, pull out the cell phone
    • Respect the circle
    • Never talk about the hash at work
    • What happens at the hash, stays at the hash
  • Rule # 1:
    • No whining
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