rains poursI agreed to review a book for Tor (hey, free book!) and am halfway through reading it. Naturally, this would be the time for two thick books I ordered from the local library to come in. Since others have those books on order, the due dates are firm. Good thing I like to read.

I asked my boss at the air museum when it would be my team’s turn to submit a nomination for volunteer of the month, knowing that they pick someone from a different team each time. She gave me a list of past recipients. There are a lot of teams … tram drivers, bus tour narrators, aircraft restoration experts, walking tour guides, etc … but I was able to figure out the somewhat confusing rotation and it looked like my team’s turn would come in April or May, giving me plenty of time to pick a deserving nominee and prepare a good writeup. So yesterday she told me it’s February and I need to pick someone and submit an awards package by Wednesday. Of course.

My sister Mary and brother-in-law Dennis fly in later this afternoon. They’ll stay tonight and Friday, then fly back to frozen northeast Montana. I’m happy the weather’s perfect for their visit: highs in the 70s, blue skies. I plan to take them to the air museum tomorrow … show them where I volunteer, tell them about some of the airplanes, take a few photos.

We’re cleaning house lest we be judged. Furiously. I actually did windows, and I never do windows!

We’re grilling salmon tonight … if we don’t get back from the airport too late. Mary’s at the airport in Las Vegas now and says security alarms are going off, which makes me think there’s a possibility their flight will be delayed. Thanks, TSA!

It feels good to thank the TSA instead of Obama. I do say “Thanks, Obama!” from time to time, generally with ironic intent. My right-wing Facebook friends don’t get irony and always think I’ve come over to their side. This morning I posted a Sarah Silverman pro-choice video. That should chase the nutters off my Facebook friends list.

Welp, there are several errands to be run before heading to the airport, so I’d better get busy. And I’m just kidding about the frantic housecleaning. We swept most of the broken glass and dust bunnies under the rug, and that’s good enough for family. I’m really happy Mary is visiting our house. It’s a first, actually!

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