Short Update

A couple of quick updates to my last post, Shellshocked: the antibiotic I’m receiving is Cefazolin. The pump runs every 8 hours, 30 minutes at a time. The results of my most recent blood cultures are in, and they show some level of bacterial infection, so I’m definitely doing the right thing. The tech who changed my bag today told me I’d get used to it and miss it when it was gone. I said that sounded like Stockholm Syndrome. So far, so good.

Our nurse friend Mary Anne checks in on me every day. Polly came over Saturday to stay with me. She spent the night and stayed over until Sunday afternoon. Our friends Ed and Gail dropped in to visit yesterday. I’m in touch with other friends by phone, and family too, mostly via Facebook. Donna gets home tomorrow night.

To hell with it. I resubscribed to Netflix streaming. The bastards really have us by the short hairs, don’t they? I binged on Breaking Bad last night. It was worth it.

Here is a sweet photo of Schatzi and Maxie this morning, taking in some sun by the sliding glass door in our bedroom. Schatzi actually was draped over Maxie, but put her head up as soon as I came in the room with the camera.


These two make everything better.

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3 thoughts on “Short Update

  • Okay, now we know what they’re treating you with. So, what are they treating you FOR? And don’t say, bacterial infection. We got that part. Just who is the sneaky little culprit?

  • Holy mackerel! I hope this is simply a surfeit of medical caution. Hang in there and get well. BTW, I love Bradley’s Flavia deLuce series.

  • Dick, Sweetness is the first one I’ve read. I love it too. I like its old-fashionedness, and along the way I’ve come to a new appreciation for good young adult literature. Will certainly give it a good review.

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