Coming Out

This is a sad story:

My first reaction, which I shared on Facebook and Twitter, was this:

Nine-year-old boys come out? Since when? Something is off here.

I admit, the old man inside me wanted to yell at the clouds and say kids that young can’t possibly know they’re gay, but something told me […]


Mau Mau Mike and Southern Baptist Bigotry

Mike Huckabee once said this about Barack Obama:

Which prompted the following response by Stephen Colbert:

The important thing isn’t where the Mau Mau Revolution happened. The important thing is for people to start associating Barack Obama with the words “Mau Mau.” After all, wherever not in the United States the President grew up, […]


Would You Like Some Religious Intolerance with That?

Over time I’ve culled most of the outright racists from my pool of Facebook friends. Sometimes, though, people post shit like this, intending only to share something they thought funny, failing to see the thuggishness and racism behind the “humor.”

If the message on the sign had been anti-Semitic, my friend never would have posted […]