Street Corner Truckometer

Until a few months ago, our local Ford dealer was all about trucks.  He kept several on display on a raised semicircular platform out front where passing drivers could see them.  Not the regular F-150 pickups you and I might buy; but the huge F-250s and F-350s ranchers, horse breeders, and NASCAR fans favor.

Then gas hit 3.98 and diesel came close to 5.00.  Suddenly the platform was bereft of trucks; in their place was a pathetic lineup of Focuses (Focii?) and Fusions.

The trucks are back!

They're baaaaack!

Well, as of this week you can find regular for 2.78 in Tucson, and the trucks are back.  F-150s for now (low-end ones, judging from the lack of chrome); if gas gets any cheaper, the big boys will shoulder them off the platform.

Of course no one can get a loan, so I’m not sure who’s buying all these trucks.

My street corner truckometer™.  It’s telling me something but I’m not sure what, exactly.

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