Wednesdays Are Clarification Days

Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona

Heading out to the air museum in an hour or so.  I’m scheduled to lead two tours this morning, finishing up around lunch time.  Most of yesterday was spent boning up on the history of the aircraft I’ll be talking about today, adding a few tidbits to my mental script … should I remember to include them, which is always the trick, isn’t it?  The big news is my new laser pointer, which I’ll ops test on today’s group of visitors.  It’s green, and so very cool.

I’ll reward myself on the way home by stopping for takeout at a local deli … it’s supposed to get up to 110°F, and there’s nothing better after a hot morning in the air museum’s hangars than a large lemon Eegee (you’re welcome, Ed).


A quick visit to the clarification department:

The other day I wrote about the military’s astonishing liberalism, citing a New York Times editorial by Nicholas Kristof.  As was Kristof, I was guilty of giving only one side of the story.  The military’s internal socialism works because everyone in the military works … there are no “free riders” sponging off the system … and it is guided by the heavy paternalistic hand of the military leaderships’ conservative personal and communitarian values.

If you’re interested in seeing the full picture, I recommend an excellent article by noted military editorialist and author Thomas E. Ricks, The Great Society in Camouflage.  You want the freebies, soldier, you have to work for them!


That is all for this morning.  It’s time to go talk planes.

Outdoor displays: fighter row & the newly-acquired B-36

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