Darrell’s Cards

Our friend Darrell makes the most wonderful cards.  I’ll never forget the one he made for our daughter Polly on her birthday a couple of years ago — it was a small shoebox, and when Polly lifted the lid off there was suspended from it a mobile made of small objects and photos of Polly on heavy card stock, and not square photos either but ones cut so that they were little two-dimensional Polly dolls.  The man does fabulous work, and could probably start a small business doing nothing but cards to order for special occasions.

Here are some samples of Darrell’s work:

45th wedding anniversary
Another 45th card -- this one was in a plexiglass frame with an embedded chip that plays the tune
This one was for my 64th birthday

I’m all cheered up just looking at these again.  Thanks, Darrell!

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