Two weeks ago, in anticipation of an upcoming visit from a friend, Donna started to paint the guest bedroom.  “Let’s rip out the carpet while we’re at it, and put in wood laminate flooring,” she said, and my heart sank.  Why?  Because I knew it would turn into a huge project, not confined to one room, with furniture stacked ass over teakettle in the living and family rooms, with me evicted from my bed, lasting for days and days.  And of course I was right.

But now it’s done, and we’re beginning to move furniture back into the newly-floored rooms, and I must say I love the look of the new floors.  For some reason, they make the rooms look larger.  Please forgive the ongoing mess, but I simply must share two photos.  Click either to see larger:

Master bedroom

Master bath

By the way, these photos are of our master bedroom and bath, rooms Donna added to the project.  The original project room, our guest bedroom, has the same flooring.  Still to come: blinds, curtains, etc.  But at least we can sleep in our own bedroom again!

Throughout this period of domestic chaos, our poor dog has been in a state of anxiety.  As have I.  Yesterday . . . the day after our daughter, who came down to do the painting, flew back to Las Vegas . . . the day after the flooring contractors packed up their shrieking circular saws and left . . . the day after our expected houseguest, the would-be beneficiary of a freshly painted guest bedroom, dropped in at the absolute height of the mayhem and confusion, left for a conference in Phoenix . . . Schatzi and I sat down together, heaved a sigh of relief, and took a nap together.

Did I mention that Polly came down and did all the painting and furniture moving?  We never could have done this without her.

Polly the painter

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