Island Hopping

Bachin’ it this weekend . . . Donna’s celebrating her birthday in Las Vegas, courtesy of Gregory, Beth, and the grandkids. I gave Donna a new road bike, but it was an early present. She started riding it two months ago and it’s already scuffed up. Now I feel as if I’m still on the hook for a gift.  Ha!  See if I do that again next year, woman!

By the way, Donna’s 62 now and eligible for Social Security.  All too soon, I’ll be there too.

Some folks in the DC area are starting up an American hashing magazine.  They’ve asked me to write an article for the inaugural issue.  The deadline’s tight, so naturally I’ll put it off until the absolute last minute.

On Wednesday, the Tucson high was 104.  Friday afternoon we were down in the low 60s, and it snowed on the mountains.  Although it’s warming up again, today’s highs will only reach the mid-80s.  It was cold enough this morning to justify postponing our weekly Trail Trash bicycle ride; we’ll try Monday morning instead.

Places that sound so cool you know they have to be shitholes: Vella Lavella; Île des Pins. Gee, this could be the start of a meme.

Okay, time to do some writin’. Now if only I can get Vella Lavella off my mind.

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